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What Will We Do Today? Step into the shoes of Drake Lacasse as he starts a new life at Rosegate University. Make new friends, compete on the court, and search for answers in Slice of Life.

Coming to Nintendo eShop on October 8th 2021 for $6.99


  • Experience a twisting narrative filled with interesting friends and foes.
  • Fast-paced arcade-style tennis action.
  • A deep perk-based customization system.
  • Character driven storylines and social links. 
  • Tons of unlockable Sub-Games to mix up gameplay.
  • A huge soundtrack to flavor your time at Rosegate.
  • Local multiplayer modes!

Drake Lacasse

Year: Senior

Skill Type: All-Around

Bio: A former local-legend, Drake was expelled from his former school after being caught with performance-enhancing drugs. A strong leader, and a great friend, I’m hoping that Drake is the secret ingredient for success on the court.


Jill Matthews

Year: Senior

Skill Type: Power

Bio: Jill is a force to be reckoned with on the court. Her bombastic enthusiasm and hidden strength make her a valuable asset to the team. Oh, and she’s a great help with the Virtual Reality Training Simulator! I… can’t figure that thing out…

Emily Sarsini

Year: Senior

Skill Type: Speed

Bio: While Emily’s shyness may appear to be a negative attribute, I believe it contributes to her speed in a big way! No one on the squad can match her speed on the court (or when she gets flustered…) 

Bryant Ibanez

Year: Senior

Skill Type: Technique

Bio: Elusive and reclusive, I find it hard to get a read on this guy. He’s got a great shot, and he seems to get along with everyone…except for Jake. What am I gonna do with those two?

Jake Weston

Year: Senior

Skill Type: Power

Bio: This kid is a jackass, but he has the skills to back it up. His shot is unmatched, and his drive is unwavering. If I could only get him to understand the benefits of teamwork… he could really go places.

Amanda Taylor

Year: Senior

Skill Type: Technique

Bio: Amanda lives in Amanda-land. She’s tardy, lazy, and really doesn’t seem to care about the squad. She’s damn lucky she can hold her own with the racket. Someone needs to put her back in line.

big fun.

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